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Starsky and Hutch

David Soul

David Soul as Hutch

Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser as Starsky

Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas as Huggy Bear

Bernie Hamilton

Bernie Hamilton as Captain Harold Dobey

Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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 Starsky & Hutch on Satellite

Starsky & Hutch are off air at present. 

Keep Checking your TV mags  for there return. 

Or Telephone CBS Action 08448-244400

The Striped tomato


Come in Zebrathree!!

The Cast

David Soul

Paul Michael Glaser

Antonio Fargas

Bernie Hamilton

Starsky & Hutch Pilot Episode

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David Soul souvenir programme

Starsky and Hutch November Calendar

Updated Each Month Starsky and Hutch Calendar

signed by David Soul

Signed by David Soul


David's Music

David's first album

David & Paul as directors

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David Soul

Paul Michael Glaser

Antonio Fargas

Bernie Hamilton

Starsky and Hutch Books

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The Official Site of Paul Michael Glaser

The Official Site Of Antonio Fargas

Official Site for David  Soul



Starsky and Hutch are Off air as stated above.  I'll  keep you informed on there return So why not test your knowledge on the Starsky & Hutch quiz at Classic    

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